Lelit Anita

Kaffeemascjhine Lelit Anita - PL042EMI

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Lelit Anita

Kaffeemascjhine Lelit Anita - PL042EMI

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Artikel-Nr.: Lelit Anita - PL042EMI

The machine with the built-in grinder. Because fresh ground coffee makes the difference.

Only fresh ground coffee can enhance the aroma, the crema and the taste of the real Espresso served in the bar. Anita is the group of espresso machines for those who love easiness and compactness without compromising the results from the coffee beans extraction. The right machine to obtain the best results with the minimum effort!

Water tank: 2,7 l

Coffee/water/steam pump:15 bar

Dimensions LxDxH: 31,5x25,5x36,8 cm

Boiler heating element:1000W

Voltage:230V 50Hz – Available upon request also in 120V 60Hz

Weight:10,2 kg


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